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00 Every service provider should happily provide price estimates but there will still be some unknowns until you've taken the game and chosen the types of mounts. 00 ©2017 Gateswood Taxidermy. Please check out a small sampling of our work. Extreme pose alterations- $40/hr. OUR PRICELIST. Upland Game $225: Ducks: $250: Geese: $350: Swan Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Co. Quick turn-around time for all work. Keep it simple. com Half life-size mounts are 75% of life-size prices.

If however, we have missed something please do not hesitate to email us for a quote. Fish mounts, game mounts, and complete taxidermy service for your fish trophies, deer trophies, and other game trophies. Price List Wildlife Market Taxidermy Studio, located in Ingram, Texas of Kerr County Texas specializes in North American, Exotic and African Taxidermy 2017 PRICE LIST Revised January 2017 Visit us on the Web - www. If you have any questions before, during, or after your hunt don't hesitate to call or stop by. Any mounts not listed **Call for quote Turkey Tail & Beard $150 price includes hardwood plaque FISH - Skin mount is $12 per inch (lengthwise); does not include cost of driftwood or base - Reproduction is $17 per inch (lengthwise); does not include driftwood or base **Small fish (i. 2018 price (pdf) Download. Home | About Us | North American | African | New Zealand | Birds | Fish | Field Guide | Price List | Contact Site Designed by IDAHO DESIGNERS Please contact us for current pricing: (208) 734-5111 Experience can never be taken for granted. e.

Smith Licensed Taxidermist 43 Polar Court Summit Hill, Pa 18250. African price list; North American Game; Europe, Asia, & South Pasific; Bird Price List; Tanning Price List; Rug Price List; Novelties Price List; Open All Lists as PDF; Contact Us If an open mouth pose is desired, please add $395 to the mount price for each animal. Keep in mind the prices are subject to change. Give us a call today (409) 781-0267 to discuss your next mount. Our number one goal is to provide the best customer service with honesty, integrity, and attention to detail! Affordale, Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy is a full service wildlife taxidermy studio serving the USA & Canada. We have a very extensive price list. Or scroll down the alphabetical list below. 00 Price List.

Mount Cleanup or repair- $40/hr. 2019 SKULL CLEANING PRICE LIST All services require a $50. P. 5 extra fee may apply to large credit card payments These are the prices of the commonly mounted species in my shop. See our African / Exotic Price List or Contact us for quote. Welcome to JC Taxidermy & Guide Services LLC. Feral Pig - Shoulder Mount: $900. $12 per inch.

Brooke's Taxidermy 204 South Pine Norborne, MO 64668 ph: 660-594-3636 alt: 660-398-4444 PRICE LIST. Neglected they can quickly deteriorate and lose much, if not all, of their original beauty. Turkey Hollow Taxidermy, LLC. Half Mount. net. Price List Mire Taxidermy offers you a wide variety of quality mounts at reasonable prices. Taxidermy Price List. 00.

GAME HEADS: Whitetail Buck $445. Click PDF file below to view price list. Welcome About Us Price List Services Taxidermy Custom Displays Backwoods Guided Adventures Photo Gallery Antlers Horns Feathers Exotics Aquatic Life Contact. Smatlak November 1, 1921 price list, Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Price Lists Prices are subject to change without notice. Ross, Cackler, Snows, Specs. 100% money back guarantee. 801-455-5154 or email JoeBatin@BirdworksTaxidermy.

Case extra. Our shop is located only steps from our home so we are available most anytime. Mike's Taxidermy Price List - Fish and Deer Specialists in Port Clinton, Ohio on Lake Erie. Detachable antlers or horns are $395 each side. We are using top Whitetail Deer Without Panel. com Wall Pedestal / Floor Pedestal Extra Charge. All prices are subject to change at any time. This is the price list for Houwers Taxidermy.

Below you will find our Price List and Field Care Tips. We have made every effort to price the most popular animals and birds. ANIMAL SHOULDER MOUNTS: Whitetail Deer: $534: Mule Taylor's Taxidermy is located in Port Lavaca, Texas and is owned and operated by Geryl Taylor. Competition: $47. Fish Mounts. remove as much air from the bag as possible. Marble Falls, TX, 78654. Professional Taxidermy; Mounted animals and fish for hire; Reproduction reptiles, fish, antlers/horns/tusks for sale (for that unique gift!) How To Measure A Black Bear For Taxidermy; How to use Old Barn Taxidermy's 2 Part Polyurethane Foam (VIDEO) How To Get Stretch Back Out Of Your Tanned Capes (VIDEO) Skinning a Bear for a Rug Mount - VIDEO Dakota Taxidermy Current Price List Other Mounts: Please call for price; Deposit is required before work starts.

Conroe taxidermy 360 tour; Irvin & Wendy Barnhart; Ralph & Deb Cunningham; Mike & Becky Simpson; Morris Home; Videos; Rates & Info. Current Pricing – 2017-2018: Price EUROPEAN SKULLS PER INCH MINIMUM OF$ 250. Add 15% to shoulder mount price for any pedestal mount + price of wood work for floor pedestals All half life-size mounts are 70% of Life-size price Antler or Horn repair- $40/hr. Pricing Plaques - prices range from approx. Call for extended hours during hunting season. Price List of Services. African price list; North American Game; Europe, Asia, & South Pasific; Bird Price List; Tanning Price List; Rug Price List; Novelties Price List; Open All Lists as PDF; Contact Us Tanned Trapper Skins - Price Varies, Please Call. Unpaid balance (including return shipping) will be due once the job is finished.

Welcome to JRV Taxidermy. Name Plates-----$10. We have been in the marine Taxidermy business for over 50 years. Rhodes Taxidermy is located in Kerrville, Texas and is owned by Gary Broach. No personal checks accepted for final payment. Just received a quote for my taxidermy bill. Staining horns (for horns that have lost their velvet) is an additional $395. We are happy to help.

Home of the backpack mount for any other species call for price . We mount Birds, Gameheads, & Lifesize. Moye's Taxidermy and Processing - Price List - PRICE LIST FOR ALL MOUNTS Please call us with any questions or for an exact quote. 00; elk 200. If you would like to discuss our services or get an idea of price ranges, just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will be happy to contact you with that information. Here at Dakota Taxidermy, experienced, highly specialized individuals put their pride and years of experience to work for you. african price list. S.

Sevenswest Taxidermy is a small taxidermy studio focused on providing high quality taxidermy within a reasonable time period, averaging nine months. Our pricing is reflective of our quality. 00 Deposit. Whitetail Deer. Import / Export IMPORT AND EXPORT As Life-Form Taxidermy does the actual tanning for the mounted trophies, and does not make use of an outside tannery, we are able to offer relevant comments with regard to the quality of skins being imported. Trophy Lions, Zebra, Sable, Impalas, Wildebeest, Wart Hogs, Ring-Tailed Lemurs. Taxidermy has evolved over the years from “stuffed heads”, to highly creative works of art. Some mounts are much faster.

Additional cost may apply for upgraded options. African wildlife hunting mounts, exotic taxidermy. Tanning is done at owner's risk and expense. Call for pricing of any specimen not displayed below. tanning. Specialising in feral pigs, deer, & goats. PRICE LIST. The team here at Taylor's Taxidermy has a combined 20+ years of experience in the taxidermy industry and we take pride in providing the best services for the local community as well as afar.

$500 Your taxidermist in Uvalde Texas specializing in world class Taxidermy from all over the world. Price List . Skunk, Raccoon, Fox -500 Coyote, Bobcat, Beaver etc-$800 plus Open mount extra on all mounts. Refer to our table below to see what it can cost. Geese. A 50% deposit is required on all taxidermy orders upon receipt of your trophies. storage charges. Price List.

Full service taxidermist offering mounting of game, fish, and birds. We will call/e-mail with the final balance Wyatt's Taxidermy is a Waterfowl taxidermy studio based in Refugio Texas. EUROPEAN MOUNTS. Pedestal mounts are plus 50% of the shoulder mount price plus the pedestal or base you choose. Photo Gallery. Call for prices on species not listed or custom base options. 254-662-5608 / www. Click on a link below to see our prices.

830-693-7024 Welcome to Idle Life Taxidermy. Life-Form Taxidermy is one of Africa’s largest and most established Taxidermy studios and is recognized internationally, as a leader in the taxidermy industry, producing some of the finest museum quality trophies in the world. Jim's Wildlife Creations Taxidermy Price List We are Macomb and St. TAXIDERMY SERVICES PRICES. 2018 Price List. This is based on the standard price and does not include any charges for custom alterations, natural habitat, bases, crates, or shipping. Checks or MO's can be included in shipment or include/e-mail/phone-in Credit Card Number. Frank J.

$15 for small plaques up to $100 for large plaques Driftwood - $20. $600. Taxidermy Prices for Birdworks Taxidermy. Pricing: Prices are subject to change Click here to view & print the Nature’s Way Taxidermy 2019 Price List shown below in Microsoft Word format. Prices for lifesize mounts include a basic habitat - no hardwood base. A certified import export professional with US Customs and the European Union and an approved sealing station for the State Department of Fish and Game of Alaska. Price list for Lengacher's World Class Taxidermy. You pick the form and habitat and we will do the rest.

Price list A 50% deposit is required on all taxidermy work before we begin. Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris Namibia excellence in hunting since 1980 Jerome Philippe I am in the United States at this time. Our 40 years involvement in the art of taxidermy ensures you the finest craftsmanship at any price. Having earned a degree in Mortuary Science from Gupton Jones College in 1979, attention to fine details has always been utilized in creating lifelike appearances. There is a deposit required on all mounts LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY, SOUTH AFRICA. Additional information can be found in the terms and conditions. & Holidays Taxidermy Price List; Why Me? Contact; Taxidermy Prices North American – Trophy Mounts. An African Safari for the price of an elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains? That’s a fact, after 30 years in the outfitting business we have sorted out the best deals in Africa.

Services for sport fishermen searching for a fish taxidermist. Located in Crowley, Louisiana, we understand the personal touch needed to make any hunters experience great. Our many years of professional experience allow us to have the knowledge to provide you with the very best taxidermy work in the area. We use only the finest forms and museum quality eyes in all of our custom designed pieces. 1/2 Life Size Mounts - 75% Of Life Size Mount Price. The list below is a rough price-guide for standard taxidermy work, which includes simple base work. Fortson’s Taxidermy Price List . No price includes base unless otherwise noted.

All prices are estimates with things like unique poses that require more work, open mouth, form modifications and form alterations or cape/antler repair is billed at the shop rate of $100/hr. Properly cared for, your mounts can provide you with years of fond memories. Prices are subject to change depending upon mounts and Your taxidermist in Uvalde Texas specializing in world class Taxidermy from all over the world. Black Bear: $200 per linear foot: Brown Bear or Grizzly: $250 per linear foot: No head, feet on: $175 per linear foot: Flat, no feet: $175 per linear foot Home » Price List. Pedestal mounts do not include base. Buck's Taxidermy Studio. Deposits and appropriate tags are required before ANY work is performed. The following price list is for reference only.

We take pride in our work and welcome all customers and clients. Custom poses, habitats and hardwood bases are available and priced accordingly as requested by the customer. GAMEHEADS Shoulder Mounts. We have several types of services available at competitive prices. Knight's Taxidermy is world renowned for professional experience mounting large and small game along with fish and birds. JRT Price List (pdf) Jake Rouse Taxidermy is not responsible, nor liable after the mount(s) leave the shop. Click here for a Printer Friendly Taxidermy Pricing; African Shoulder/Lifesize Pricing Locks Taxidermy and Deer Processing Taxidermy Price List. Each mount is a unique piece of wildlife art that you will be proud to display.

price on request: Fur Rugs with Heads Mounted (open mouth) Badger, Racoon: Telephone #: (800) 893-8294. Welcome to Buck's Taxidermy Studio- Santa Fe, Texas. Material may be more or equal and quality of both material and labor are factors at every location. Rugs w/Mounted Head & Felt Lining - 75% of Life Size Mount Price. Karoo Taxidermy is a progressive South African Taxidermy company that specialises in delivering high quality trophies at realistic prices. As a leading South African Taxidermist, we take great pride in every aspect of our taxidermy service to our clients. , one mount at the time, making each and every one of them unique. Rug Nationwide taxidermy services since 1945 7226 CR 375 | Caldwell, TX 77836 With a love for the outdoors, Marty began hunting and fishing at an early age with his Dad and brother, which led to a fascination for natural looking, lifelike taxidermy mounts.

Saturday: By appointment only. Brooke's Taxidermy. To email us, please send it to gstageone@aol. 2019 PRICELIST . Backcountry Taxidermy also specializes in AFRICAN game and Excels in other animal species of the world. Truelife Taxidermy specializes in a wide variety of custom poses, bases, and habitats to fit your trophy room. Unclaimed mounts and skins will be offered for sale after SUNDOWNER TAXIDERMY 2017 PRICE LIST. Fill in your details and within minutes you will receive your personal proposal with price lists, export details and great information to make your Taxidermy experience one that you can look forward to.

Mounts not obtained by the customer within 90 days after date of completion notice, become property of Young’s Taxidermy. Professional Taxidermy. This is our first price increase in 4 years . Price List for Mitchell SD Taxidermist Chad Pollreisz Taxidermy Mitchell South Dakota. African / Exotic Price List REPTILES: Alligator heads are mounted open mouth with tongue or bleached skulls : $275 up to 14 inch, $400 14 inch and up. Please be advised that the price list is designed to be a guide. Black Bear, Deer and small mammal mounts, Pedestals and Habitats. Others, such as African and Exotics, are also available but not shown.

com "Red" Simpson, Owner IGT -winning quality FISH * BIRDS * GAMEHEADS * MAMMALS * FISH REPRODUCTIONS 920-582-7004 Showroom Hours 2017 : Hours may vary – Please call ahead Monday -Thur Noon to 6 pm - appointment only CLOSED every Sun. 309-781-1831 ronheath@mchsi. Fro these reasons graves Taxidermy will not assume any responsibility for, or offer any guarantee on, the tanning of any skin. deer 150. We are a busy shop and do about 300 pieces a year. Our forms and supplies up over 25% and our daily operating costs increase 20%. Under the direction of Jimmy Dieringer, Woodbury Taxidermy, Inc. Fish.

Rugs Bear -$275. Best Answer: Here is what Wilderness Taxidermy in WV will charge 2008-2009 Price List Game Heads - Shoulder Mounts Whitetail Deer (buck) - $310 Whitetail Deer (doe) - $300 Antelope - $350 Black Bear - $450 Boar - $450 Buffalo - $950 Caribou - $600 Elk - $750 Moose - $950 Mule Deer - $350 Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, or Raccoon - $200 2013-2014 Price List. All mounts are custom made in the U. Bird Price List 2019 To preserve your bird best for mounting carry a women's nylon stocking cut off about 12 inches with a knot tied at one end. We have been in the Taxidermy business for 30 years. 00 ea. With the love for wild places and the animals that inhabit them, Dakota Taxidermy is committed to creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces of wildlife art. smooth feathers throughout : Grade 1+ $41.

. This is in OK condition, has been folded and there is some wrinkling, interesting look at pricing almost 100 years ago. We are currently operating at a 12-14 month turn-around-time. $500 Prices subject to change without notice. Packaging and postage extra. Copyright © 2019 JC Taxidermy & Guide Services LLC - All Rights Reserved. That's R15,857. Graves taxidermy is not responsible or liable for any damage due to shipping, or faculty tanning.

Mounted animals and fish for hire. Big game animals from hunts in Africa. All prices listed are for specimen supplied by the client. Splitting Image Taxidermy will customise your full Taxidermy experience and present it in one neat proposal. Habitats - Due to the unique nature for every customer's needs, Custom Habitats for Mounts are priced on a case by case basis. If they are too expensive or you do not like their location, DO NOT HAVE THE ITEM DONE. simpsontaxidermy. We opened our doors in 2004 and continue to look forward.

I am always learning and trying to improve my taxidermy work. Below you will find Open Acres Taxidermy 2018/2019 Price List. Front-half mounts are 70% of the life-size price. Price List (Excluding VAT) On this page you will find prices for the most popular animals and birds we process, as well as skinning charges. Prices effective September 2016 . Get a printable price list below. Since it’s impossible to list every kind of animal individually, we’ve tried to list them to a size comparison. Wall pedestal $520.

Taxidermy is sometimes cheaper in some foreign countries, because labor is cheaper. 2017 Price List Due to increased shipping, paint and tanning costs, I have had to increase prices for the first time in several years to keep pace and remain profitable. $425. Our mounts are of the highest quality. All taxidermy work will be paid in full before delivery or shipment. 00 **Improper handling of animals prior to receipt can adversely effect tanning process, therefore all tanning done at owner's risk. Kleinhans Safaris. Magnum Taxidermy can arrange worldwide shipping for your trophies.

Best Answer: Here is what Wilderness Taxidermy in WV will charge 2008-2009 Price List Game Heads - Shoulder Mounts Whitetail Deer (buck) - $310 Whitetail Deer (doe) - $300 Antelope - $350 Black Bear - $450 Boar - $450 Buffalo - $950 Caribou - $600 Elk - $750 Moose - $950 Mule Deer - $350 Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, or Raccoon - $200 Offering you highest quality for the best prices! Here at Backwoods Taxidermy, we value a job well done as much as you do! Spend your money wisely and put us on the job - you're going to love our work. Call Us 1-605-770-4689. Home. We can and do deliver quality that matches and exceeds that of The Wildlife Gallery / Animal Artistry / Legends and all the major taxidermy big box high production studios. fortsonstaxidermy. $40. We mount your trophy the way you want it. Some things are out of our control.

All prices are subject to change. email : wildspiritarts@yahoo. Alligator Life size $200 per foot. If your species is not listed or you are unsure of a price, pricing; shipping. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. If you do not see your item of interest in our price list please free to contact us. All birds are thoroughly washed and fleshed before mounting for long lasting beautiful mounts. com When quality is a concern think Face off Taxidermy.

When you leave the shop with the mount(s), you are The Wildlife Gallery is a Custom Taxidermy Studio offering high quality taxidermy, indoor mountains, trophy room design, and fine woodwork. We mount Life Like Trophies. Phone: 251-931-3120 25491 Barnett Lane Taxidermy is an art If you decide to go ahead with modeling your pet, you should choose a taxidermist by the quality of their work, not their price or location. Monday: 9-8 Tuesday - Friday: 9-5 Saturday: 9-12 Evenings and Weekends by appointment. Wyatt's Taxidermy is a Waterfowl taxidermy studio based in Refugio Texas. Thank you for choosing Rocking K Taxidermy! We require a 50% deposit on all taxidermy before work begins. Clair most reasonably pricing taxidermist without sacrificing the high end quality we provide. Prices are subject to change.

Feral Pig- Wall pedestal mount $950 Taxidermy Price List. If you're looking for a species or type of mount that isn't listed, please contact us for a custom quote. UK Taxidermy Price List 2008 Fish Prices Please Note I do not now do fish please use the form below to get a quote Fish Taxidermy Prices: Fish Mounting Prices: Price pr inch : These Prices are for original skin or lap cast (what you can see from top bottom and front) - please get in touch for a quote for 360 degree cast. 00 prices subject to change without notice preparation of game if game cannot be brought to us immediately, specimen should be frozen in a plastic bag to prevent freezer burn. ; AWARDS FOR 13 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, FIRST IN TURKEYS, FIRST IN WHITETAIL DEER, FIRST IN MAMMALS FIRST IN FISH , BEST ALL AROUND TAXIDERMIST, BEST COMPETITORS AWARD, 5 BEST HABITAT, BEST OF CATEGORIES, 3 MOST CREATIVE, BEST FUR BEARER AWARD, AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, TO MANY TO LIST. Reasonable prices and turn around time. Most taxidermy is completed in 90 days. Stock items are more.

We have over 25 years experience. North American Species Full Shoulder Mount / Skull or Plaque Mount / Life-Size mount. Please call to verify pricing for your chosen mount. com . do not wrap in newspaper. SIGN OUT. The following Taxidermy Specimen List includes many of the common specimens. At Taxidermy Designs Price List Our goal is to provide a Show Quality Trophy at a reasonable cost in the least amount of time At check in every trophy must be accompanied by all the Department of Game and Fish required licensing and documentation "No Exceptions" "DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED at Check In" American Wildlife Taxidermy has over 20 years of experience in taxidermy in Western New York.

As seen in Bow Hunter Magazine, Prairie outdoors, NEW YORK TIMES ,Outdoors in the Heartland, and many others. You are invited to visit our 6500 square foot museum and showroom and see first hand, QUALITY TAXIDERMY. 50% deposit required…Cash, Check or Credit. Home Studio ~ 520-664-4536 We are striving to provide you with the highest quality in taxidermy. has established a clientele list that reads like a “Who’s-Who” of the hunting world. Mike Thornquist (360) 852-6464 Woodland, Washington bearmttaxidermy@yahoo. K&D Taxidermy Price List - Moyock NC serving Eastern, Northern NC and Virginia. She has a huge passion for wildlife and keeps animal welfare at the Many of our clients choose to have their trophies mounted by the taxidermy division of J.

These are REAL hunts in unfenced wild and free Africa. Native Shoulder Mount. tanning price list 2018. Items For Sale. Steve's Taxidermy 2011 Price List. Taxidermy Pricing in New York with Stagliano Taxidermy. 00 per lin-ft Others same as life-size. Oregon taxidermist with 14 years taxidermy experience offering quality custom work.

Welcome to Twisted Horn Taxidermy. . How much does taxidermy cost? On average, the prices can range anywhere from $65 to as much as $4,000 or more, depending on the animal being mounted, which part, how you want it presented and which professional you choose. Here is our current price list for the 2018-2019 Hunting Season. Gray Taxidermy specializes in handcrafting world-class custom fish mounts of all freshwater and saltwater fish species. 2018-2019 Price List Horn/European (Skull) Mounts Deer antlers and Antelope/Aoudad/Sheep horns all mounted on Barnwood, Oak or Walnut backboard (included in price) and with doe-skin leather on skull cap. proudly serving the metroplex for the past 40 years TAXIDERMY & HIDE TANNING PRICE LIST NORTH AMERICAN & EXOTIC (continued) • Unlisted half mounts: 65% of full mount price • Hides with heads: 65% of full mount price • Unlisted half hides: 65% of full hide price • Miscellaneous hide pieces: $12. 00 per pound raw salted weight Timberline Taxidermy is the oldest and most established taxidermy shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we are very passionate about what we do.

one one zero two Backcountry Taxidermy offers a 10% discount coupon for custom taxidermy work. Afterlife Taxidermy - Price List - Muncy, Pennsylvania Cypress Slough Taxidermy offer elite taxidermy with competitive taxidermy prices. Login | Email. BAUMAN'S TAXIDERMY STUDIO Price List as of 12 / 26 /18 "Choose a Reproduction Fish for the quickest turn around time. Antelope $650 $205 $3400 Badger $375 $75 $1100 Welcome to Rich's Taxidermy. The prices listed below are for standard poses; custom poses and habitat can be done at an extra charge. Specializes in mammal mounts including elk, deer, antelope, bear, cougar, caribou, moose, sheep, goats, bison, wild boar and exotic game animals. is himself a museum trained master taxidermist who personally oversees each mount from the skinning to the artistic completion of your mounted trophy.

Sportsmen and Women, You have a great deal of time, effort and money invested into your hunting trophies. Reproduction reptiles, fish, antlers/horns/tusks for sale (for that unique gift!) Polyurethane foam body forms kitsets and glass eyes (for other Taxidermists) All prices are in Australian Dollars. BLACK BEAR TAXIDERMY - Black Hawk, SD. Additional charges may apply for custom poses, open mouth, extra habitat, skinning etc. A seven day Safari starts at $2500 plus trophy fees. Terms and Conditions. "Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards (a 2. Store Hours: Monday through Friday 9am – 12pm; 1pm – 5pm.

UK was founded by Krysten Newby, a Suffolk based artist and ethical taxidermist. TAXIDERMY CONDITIONS: PEDESTAL - Includes mount, leather backing, steel detachable bracket and habitat. $1140 USD. Full Head Rugs Bobcat, Lynx, Coyote, Fox $350 Black Bear $625 Grizzly Bear $900 Pricing includes rugging with two color felt and installation of rugs for hanging on wall. J. AR Taxidermy. Full payment is due upon completion of work. Price List Angler Beaver Taxidermy.

Home; Catalog; Request; Showcase; Products; Tanning; Links; navi_contact Artistic Taxidermy creates the highest quality taxidermy mounts on game animals, safari animals, birds, fish at affordable prices. Web Links. Taxidermy Price List Processing Guided Hunts Taxidermy School Capes For Sale Deer Exotics Large Game Small Game Birds (waterfowl) Fish Braggin' board Current Articles Hunters For The Hungry Hunting Classic Contact Combining art and the latest in taxidermy technology, we make sure that your prized trophy is something you can be proud to show off! Our customer service and workmanship is something we take very seriously. I'm doing European mounts on kudu, wildebeest, gemsbok and flat skin on wildebeest. Panels on the European mount are also extra. Click on a state in the map for links to web sites of over 1,500 taxidermists and taxidermy studios. Does this seem a tad on the high side for skull mounts and a flat skin? According to the taxidermist 2016 price list, it should have been R8600. Everything Game Taxidermy "Bringing Your Mounts Back to Life" Charles W.

Life-Size. We prefer not to publish our price list here for the simple reasons stated above, each trophy is unique as well as each clients needs. Natural Instincts Taxidermy - Your trophy isn't just another animal or fish, it's a trophy, and we want you to be proud of both your trophy and the mount. cel +one (seven one four) four seven zero. com: Established 2004: Since 2008. Please fill out highlighted areas of the THT Invoice before dropping off trophy (60% Deposit Required before any work on your trophy will begin) Price List for Mitchell SD Taxidermist Chad Pollreisz Taxidermy Mitchell South Dakota Rafter T Taxidermy Price List Nov 2018-Oct 2019 (pdf) Download 1405 State Street. Packing and crating is done on site. Bear Mountain Taxidermy Price List.

Bridge Taxidermy is owned and operated by Ray & Steve Bridge of Price, Utah. Base work is extra and custom quoted. Welcome to The Hunter's Taxidermy. exotics price list 2018. Welcome. almost competition grade, small flaw in wing or tail, but still better than Grade 1 Prices for freshwater, saltwater fish taxidermy, fish mounts and fish replicas. 75-3. AFRICA.

importing; shipping to you; hicks taxidermy price list 2018. bluegill) are a $125 minimum ANTLER MOUNTS - price includes hardwood plaque Prices on the price list are subject to change without notice due to material cost increases. Our turn around time is 50% faster than the other taxidermist. Get the most for your money. Taxidermy of Houston, Spring, Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball. Deer Head Panels . From shoulder mounts to custom basework and habitat, we are a full service shop. Lengacher's plans on continuing to enter mounts into state, national, and world competitions, while still maintaining very competitive prices for their customers nation wide.

In view of the many factors which have a very definite effect on the final results , such as primeness , general condition , climatic conditions , lack of proper handling or conditions in the field by the sportsman , we assume no responsibility or guarantee to the results of any specimin . The client assumes all risk when submitting tanning. Stop by and visit our show room to see the quality mounts that we provide to all of our customers. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for more options and prices. taxidermy price list

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