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Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology

Volume: 2(5), October 2018, Pages: 20-26

Cassava starch bionanocomposites for control drug release

Received 22 June2018; Accepted 13 August 2018  Available online 30 Oct 2018


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Drug targeting to specific organs and tissues has become one of the critical endeavors of the century since the use of free drugs in conventional dosage forms generally involves difficulties in achieving the target site at the appropriate dose after or during a proper time period. New drug delivery systems include polymeric technologies to provide new sustained drug delivery with better body distribution, drug protection from the harsh external environment and avoidance of drug clearance. Many of these technologies have reached the market therefore proving the benefits of these new carriers. This review covers the starch based nanocomposites for controlled release drugs.  


Cassava starch, bionanocomposites, control drug release

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