Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology
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Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology

Volume: 2(5), October 2018, Pages: 16-19

Chitosan Dendrimer for Drug Delivery Applications

Received 1 July 2018; accepted 3 Sep 2018  Available online 30 Oct 2018


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Today, drugs used in treating disease are almost all hydrophobic, which makes them unattractive for applying to patients. To overcome this problem, an amphiphilic macromolecule was designed which can deliver drugs to the specific targeted area. Therefore, this study focuses on the synthesis of water soluble hyperbranched polymers and their application in drug delivery systems.  The modi?cations discussed here include chitosan attached to dendrimers, among these derivatives, sugar-modi?ed chitosans are excellent candidates for drug delivery systems or cell culture owing to their speci?city. Chitosan–dendrimer hybrids are interesting multifunctional macromolecules. Chitosan and its derivatives are useful as carriers in drug delivery systems, as antibacterial agents, and in other medical applications.  


Chitosan, dendrimer, Cisplatin, drug delivery.

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