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Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology

Volume: 2(5), October 2018, Pages: 27-32

Hydroponic Technique: Current and Future Prospective

Received 1 June 2018; Accepted 3 Sep 2018  Available online 30 Oct 2018


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 Soil is usually the most available growing medium for plants. It provides anchorage, nutrients, air, water, etc. for successful plant growth. Soil based cultivation is now facing difficulties due to different man made reasons such as deforestation, industrialization and urbanization. Besides, sudden natural disasters, climate change and unlimited utilization of chemicals for agriculture purposes cause the depletion of land fertility and quality. Hydroponics is a soil-less culture technique in which plant can grow in a liquid or water solution. A large number of plants and crops or vegetables can grow by hydroponics culture. The quality of yield, taste and nutritive value of end products is generally higher than the natural soil based cultivation. This cultivation is cost efficient, disease free and eco-friendly as well as getting popularity all over the world, both the developed and the developing countries. So, hydroponics would be a better technique to produce the different kinds of fruits and vegetables as well as meet the global nutrition demand with making advance future. The prospect, opportunity, success and problem of hydroponics are discussed.  


Hydroponics, nutrient solution, cost efficacy

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