Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology
slider 01
Starch-coated Chitosan-Closite 30B Nanocomposites Films for Antimicrobial and Biodegradable Properties
by Pradumna Swain
Abstract | Reference Published Date: 27 November, 2017 | Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 1-7
Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology; DOI:10.28921/jan.2017.01.01
Starch Coated Silver Nanoparticles Using Hygrophila Auriculata L for Controlled Released of Ofloxacin
by Diptikanta Acharya
Abstract | Reference Published Date: 28 November, 2017 | Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 8-15
Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology; DOI:10.28921/jan.2017.01.02
Preparation and Characterization of Cassava Starch - Polyvinyl Alcohol nanocomposites for Control Drug Release of Paclitaxel
by Swati Mohanty
Abstract | Reference Published Date: 29 November, 2017 | Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 16-24
Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology; DOI:10.28921/jan.2017.01.03
Gelatin-Coated Silver Nanoparticles for Controlled Released of Anticancer Drug Cyclophosmide
by Shikha Behera
Abstract | Reference Published Date: 01 December, 2017 | Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 25-32
Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology; DOI:10.28921/jan.2017.01.04
Formulation and Evaluation of Chitosan -Polyvinyl Alcohol nanocomposites for Controlled Release of Catharanthus Roseus Extract
by Umakanta Sahoo
Abstract | Reference Published Date: 02 December, 2017 | Vol: 1, Issue: 1, Page: 33-40
Journal of Advance Nanobiotechnology; DOI:10.28921/jan.2017.01.05