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NEWREDMARS EDUCATION, the modern publishing organization, was founded in 2015. NEWREDMARS EDUCATION works in partnership with the research community, librarians and funders to develop polices to help our customers and clarify our position on key issues.That commitment reflects the growing customer need for accessibility of our books and online products, and our focus on customers, innovation and partnership with the science and health communities we serve. We will leverage our strengths in the creative use of available technology. We will advance and lead best practices and always adhere to applicable law and international standards.

Guiding principles

·        Help our customers achieve the maximum benefit, and understanding our content.

·        Encourage our authors to provide accessible content.

·        Partner with external agencies and experts to enhance our features.

·        Lead our industry in providing accessibility solutions, and establishing best practices of International standards.

Price setting

NEWREDMARS EDUCATION publishes journal articles under two separate business models:

1.     NO Open Access: Articles whose publication charge is funded by payments that are made by subscribing individuals or institutions.

2.     Open access:  Articles whose publication charge is funded by payments that are made by authors/their institution or funding bodies, commonly known as Article Publishing Charges (APCs).

NEWREDMARS EDUCATION separately calculates pricing for each of these business models.