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NEWREDMARS EDUCATION Publishing Group offers a range of reprints and permission services for authors, readers, writers and commercial companies.

Author reprints

  • Authors of NEWREDMARS EDUCATION Publishing Group journal can order reprints of their article for distribution to their peers and colleagues. Author reprints are offered at a competitive price, in quantities ranging from 100 to 500 copies. Authors can order reprints in print or as an encrypted PDF.

Permissions requests

  • NEWREDMARS EDUCATION Publishing Group grants permission to authors, readers and third parties to reproduce material from its journals and online products as part of another publication or entity with appropriate reference of the NRME Journal. This includes, for example, the use of a figure in a presentation, the posting of an abstract on a web site, or the reproduction of a full article within another journal. Certain permissions may be granted free of charge; others may incur fee.

Other services

  • Details of how to order single issues of NEWREDMARS EDUCATION Publishing Group journals, posters of covers from recent issues of selected journals, or translated reprints.