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NEWREDMARS EDUCATION (NRME) is the home of scientific, medical and agriculture information in print and online. The NRME Research portfolio includes journals, online databases, and services across the life, physical, chemical and applied sciences and clinical medicine. Focusing on the needs of scientists, NEWREDMARS EDUCATION is also playing a role of leading quarterly International scientific journal. Throughout all its businesses NEWREDMARS EDUCATION is dedicated to serving the scientific and medical communities and the wider scientifically interested general public.

NRME is the one stop solution to problems associated with education and research. Our Vision is to publish and provide innovative and recent research materials for the benefit of education. To provide a platform to exchange innovative ideas, thoughts and findings by publishing their research articles, review articles, book chapters or books in our journals covering wide range of fields. Our mission is to help in commercialization of research findings for the industries thereby ensuring benefits of the society.

NRME is fully locked and secure for every authenticated data. All NRME published research innovation data should be utilized for commercial and social development purpose after the consent of author. Every author is a member of this organization and they will get their remuneration for their research, innovation, creative ideas as per the rules of the company.



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