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Site License Access Issue

If you are being asked to pay for content that you believe you should be able to access through your NEWREDMARS EDUCATION Publishing Group site license, please send Customer Services an email containing the following to help us troubleshoot:

How do I contact the NRME Customer Service?

If having searched for an answer to your query on our help pages you still need to contact our Customer Service team please submit your query and we will endeavour to respond to your question as quickly as possible.

For Print Subscriptions:

Email Id:

 Can I publish my manuscript Open Access?

Yes, NRME offers Open Choice (open access articles published in subscription-based journals) and fully open access journals.

Where can I find instructions for a specific journal?

Please go to the homepage of the journal you have chosen for your publication. To access the journal page, please choose from the alphabetical list, or enter the journal’s title in the “search box”.

Does NRME provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article?

For your convenience NRME has developed macros and templates to help you prepare your manuscript. Information about the preferred format for the individual journals can be found in the specific journal’s Instructions for Authors.