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Rapid growth in scientific knowledge is an indication of quest for discovery and has an impact on economic and societal development. Science, technology and innovation is often initiated at the research environment and it is also the mission of Newredmars Education Ltd. Research and developmental activities creates and disseminates new knowledge in range of fields, promotes innovation and these will motivate better learning and teaching among faculties and students of different University and education Institution . Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that shares the mission objectives. The Newredmars Education offers current innovative research materials for research scholar and students. We also offer online study materials starting from high school level to Master Degree level students from various fields like Biotechnology, environmental science, Nanotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Botany, Zoology, Polymer science etc. These study materials are available in the format of PPT, Note, Project, Scientific Article, Book, Thesis, survey report etc. The NEWREDMARS EDUCATION PVT LTD offers new ongoing projects for research and development. Anybody can join this project and work with organization.Taking these into considerations, following NRME Journals Research Policy is implemented.

  • Research data should be made available free of charge to all researchers wherever possible and with minimal reuse restrictions.
  • Researchers should remain in control of how and when their research data is accessed and used, and should be recognised and valued for the investments they make in creating their research data and making it available.
  • Expectations and practices around research data vary between disciplines and discipline-specific requirements need to be taken into account.
  • Enabling effective reuse of research data is a shared aim and all stakeholders should work together to pursue this collectively, to find efficiencies and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Where others add value and/or incur significant cost in enhancing research data to enable its reuse, these contributions need to be recognized and valued.
  • NRME Journals is playing a key role in supporting researchers who want to store, share, discover and reuse data and we are committed to working with other stakeholders to address challenges in making data more effective.

Research Data Policy FAQs

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For further information regarding NRME journals’s research data policy or for more information about how you can deposit and share your data when publishing in NRME journals please contact us.